Spine Team Spotlight: Renova Spine Care Toutes AccuCision™ Method with Faster, Less Painful Recovery

Many spine procedures boast a quick recovery and are hyped with the mantra of “minimally invasive”, but how many of them deliver on that promise?

It was asking questions like this that led the doctors at Renova Spine Care in Dallas to develop their patented spine procedure technique known as AccuCision™.

Recognizing that many supposedly less-invasive treatments weren’t always minimizing incision size or recovery time, Renova set out to find a better way to treat painful spine conditions such as:

  • Herniated disc
  • Spinal stenosis
  • Pinched nerves
  • Degenerated Disc
  • Sciatica
  • Spondylosis

They wanted to heal patients’ debilitating back and neck pain and do so with shorter recovery, less scarring and less postoperative pain. And with that list, the AccuCision™ technique goes 3-for-3.

The spine-care team at Renova takes the concept of “minimally invasive” a step further. They call the spine surgery method “micro-invasive.” So, what exactly does that mean?

The AccuCision™ technique is designed to create tiny incisions, as small as 3 millimeters. That’s the size of a large grain of rice.

Using a special device that allows for precise tissue targeting and little-to-no damage to collateral tissue, the doctors repair spinal damage that leads to back pain without leaving any large scars or harming muscle and nerves. This creates a less painful and more rapid recovery—as little as a couple of weeks before patients can return to regular activity.

By removing the affected tissue without sacrificing healthy areas, and minimizing scarring, AccuCision™ improves upon the predecessors in the minimally invasive orthopedic field. And the Renova Spine Care team promises long-lasting results.

The AccuCision™ technique can be used in a number of procedures such endoscopic discectomy, spinal fusion and lumbar decompression, as a successful long-term solution to back and neck pain. And it allows for a same-day outpatient procedure, so patients spend recovery time at home, not in a hospital bed.

Minimally invasive spine surgery should be what it claims to be: minimally invasive. With the AccuCisionn™ techniques and an expertly trained spine care team, Renova offers one of the leading orthopedic services in the DFW area.

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