Spinal Simplicity Performs First US Surgery using Minuteman® G3

Spinal Simplicity, a spinal device company, announced that Dr. Harold Hess performed the first US surgical implantation of the Minuteman G3, the only lateral percutaneous interlaminar fusion device available in the US.

The Minuteman G3 treats degenerative disc disease, spondyloisthesis, tumors, and trauma with symptoms of low back and leg pain. The lateral percutaneous technique avoids the cutting of sensitive back muscles and maintains an appropriate distance from neural structures. The Minuteman G# was resigned to reduce operative and recovery time for the patient.

Dr. Hess said, “The minuteman G# can be implanted in 10-15 minutes through a lateral 1-inch incision. I envision the Minuteman G3 will provide the foundation for further innovation in the minimally invasive spine market.”