First Human Implantation of Triadyme-CTM Cervical Total Disc Replacement Device

Dr. William D. Smith successfully completed two in-human total cervical disc replacements using Dymicron’s unique Triadyme-C cervical total disc replacement device. The patients are said to be responding well to the implantation.

Dr. William D. Smith said, “The Triadyme-C is unique in its composition and design, most notable for its diamond compact. This design may place Dymicron as a front runner in cervical TDR devices.”

Triadyme-C addresses two immediate concerns in the total disc replacement field:

  1. Minimizing wear debris generation
  2. Emulation of natural constrained motion in the spine

The Triadyme-C is made of polycrystalline diamond compact (PDC) which is one of the hardest and most durable substances known to man. It’s durability and low coefficient of friction protects against the creation and distribution of debris into the body.

The Triadyme-C is designed with three spherical lobes, which create smooth movement emulating the natural motion of the spine.

Jeff Bennet, President of Dymicron said, “We are extremely pleased that we have successfully completed our first in-man procedures. Based on our unique technology and design, we’re confident that the Triadyme-C will become a preferred option for patients suffering from cervical degenerative disc disease.”